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Mount Royal Homes For Sale

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Listing information last updated on June 23, 2017

Mount Royal

Established in 1904 Mount Royal is an area of Calgary, Alberta and is home to the neighbourhoods of Upper Mount Royal (to the south) and Lower Mount Royal (the northern section, on flat terrain), which are separated by an escarpment that runs along Cameron and Royal Avenues in an east-west direction. Upper Mount Royal has an Area Redevelopment Plan in place. Traditional bungalows, multi million dollar historic mansions are a short walk to Calgary's infamous Red Mile 17 ave SW. Before Calgary's explosive growth in the past 20 years Mount Royal was always the most expensive and most prestige are to call home in Calgary. Land Barons, Oil Barons and Business Barons all had Upper Mount Royal address's. The close proximity to downtown Calgary and the night clubs and restaurants of 17 ave has lead to redevelopment of many properties into low rise apartments and townhouses. Calgary Mount Royal offers a glimpse of how things used to be alongside how things are now.

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