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Are you kidding me....  1.5 Million people ....  wow 

When I first moved to this amazing City the population was a little over 450,000 people. All the hotels and motels were owned by private individuals, the chains weren't here yet. Canadian Tire hadn't made it's way from Ontario either. The only place you could get a beer on a sunday was at the horse race track. All the booze was sold by the goverment. Even the phone system was Alberta Goverment Telephones. Deerfoot Trail ended at Inglewood Golf Course. There was nothing west of Sarcee Trail. I remember the bus didn't even go up to Huntington Hills at the time I lived there. Things change.... Midnapore was a little town south of Calgary. The Calgary Tower was the tallest structure in Calgary. It was a great place to live then and Calgary is still great place to live now! 




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