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The truth is lots of people end up wanting to fire their Realtor after the listing contract is signed.

We see it all the time as listings expire unsold only to be re-listed with another Realtor. Like any relationship, there is no shortage of reasons clients want a new Realtor. Bad service, no service, bad communication, no communication, broken promises, bad marketing, no marketing, personality conflicts, conflicts of interest, are just a few of the things we hear from unhappy clients.

So How do you fire a Realtor? The Alberta Real Estate Association has a form called Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement Termination. This standard form when signed by the Realtor and the Sellers ends the Listing Contract.

The time to get your Realtor to sign this form is BEFORE you sign the listing contract.

Now you have the only document required to fire your listing Realtor. It becomes a performance agreement because now your Realtor knows if they don't do the job as agreed you will exercise your right to use the signed termination agreement and fire your Realtor.

This Termination Agreement is the first document we sign and give to you if we agree to list your home. Your Realtor should offer you the same document. If they don't want to give you the right to end the listing contract before it expires, I would question their commitment, confidence and competence in getting your home sold.

So Firing your Realtor is something to agree to BEFORE you sign any Listing Contract. The Listing Termination Form is a standard form from the Alberta Real Estate Association that all Sellers should have signed by their Realtor and ready to use if required.

That's how you Fire your Realtor.

If you would like a copy of the Listing Termination Form on hand before you meet with a Realtor to list your home for sale, just click on the link below to download a pdf copy.

Listing Termination Form from the Alberta Real Estate Association

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