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Offer to Purchase Calgary Real Estate

This is the standard form used by licensed Realtors to write offers to purchase on behalf of home buyers.

It can also be used as a reverse offer. Instead of the buyer’s agent filling it out. The seller’s agent would fill it out and present it to a buyer.

A quick summary of the offer to purchase.


  • The Sellers Names (registered on title)
  • The Buyers Names 
  • The Address & Legal Address of the property 
  • Goods Included (Stove, Fridge, etc. You can ask for everything if you want) 
  • Purchase Price Offered Possession Date (When you get the keys) 
  • Deposits with the offer (goes to the down payment) 
  • Buyer Conditions and Dates – (Financing & Home Inspection most common) 
  • Buyer Terms (not deal breakers like conditions, could be furnace serviced or 24 hr prior to possession final walk through) 
  • Offer Open for Acceptance, Rejection or Counter Offer (you can give sellers as much or as little time as you want to make up their minds)

This offer to purchase is used for homes that are not condos. Offers to purchase a condo uses a different contract specific to condo’s.


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Download a copy of the Offer To Purchase Contract here

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