The Top 5 Places To Find Cheap Calgary Homes

  1. Bank Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales
  2. Vacant and Abandoned Calgary Properties
  3. Tenant Occupied Landlord Home Sales
  4. Estate and Probate Home Sales
  5. Divorcing Home Owners Who Want To Sell Fast

Bank Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales are at the top of the list. People have visions of banks sitting on tons of properties that they are willing to sell cheap. It’s a myth in Canada that banks sell homes cheap. Let’s clear this one up right away. Banks do not sell homes cheap in Canada. If you hear a story of someone buying a home cheap because it was a foreclosure, the real story is it was cheap because that was all it was worth in the condition it was in. Chasing foreclosure deals is like chasing ghosts. Good Luck with that.

Calgary Foreclosures For Sale

Vacant and Abandoned Calgary Properties should be high on the list. Why is the home vacant? Who’s paying the taxes, utilities, insurance and maybe a mortgage while the home sits empty. We know it’s not a bank with deep pockets that can wait forever. Vacant properties have a story. Finding out what the story is can lead to an opportunity to make money when you buy those types of homes. Put vacant properties high on your list.

Abandoned and Vacant Calgary Homes For Sale

Tenant Occupied Landlord Home Sales should not be overlooked. Why is the landlord selling? What’s the story? Is it a bad tenant? Is it a retiring landlord? Is it a couple of owners going in different directions? Finding out why these landlords are selling can present some amazing opportunities. Few landlords have any emotional attachment to these homes. They have usually made lots of money already, so aren’t trying to squeeze every last dime out of it. Overlooking Tenant Occupied Properties in your search for Calgary Real Estate Deals is not a good idea.

Cheap Tenant Occupied Homes For Sale In Calgary

Estate and Probate Home Sales happen because the owner has died. Sometimes they have died of natural causes in the home, most times they have not. Someone or a bunch of people have inherited the property. If it’s on the market it’s because they want the money, not the house. It’s very common for battling siblings to inherit a property and just want it sold quickly. Time is more important than money to some. Estate Sales can be great opportunities to snag a good deal.

Probate and Estate Homes For Sale Today in Calgary

Divorcing Home Owners Who Want To Sell Fast is by far the number 1 opportunity to make money buying a home. Money is always an issue, but so is just getting things wrapped up so both parties can move on with their lives. Ask any seasoned Realtor where the best deals are, it’s always divorces.

Home Sales by Divorced Couple in Calgary Alberta


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Calgary Home Buyers Getting More Choices Heading Into The Spring Real Estate Market as Sellers Rush Towards the Exit Doors!

106 homes are being sold daily so far in February. That is close to the daily high of April last year. Detached homes account for over 1/2 the daily sales number so far. Attached homes are seeing demand not seen in years with an average of 28 sales per day. That is higher than any month last year. Condo sales are also benefiting from the detached seller's market as daily sales are hitting new highs as well.

Inventory should continue to jump as eager sellers head for the exit doors. Picky and Patient Calgary Home Buyers will be rewarded with more selection soon. Calgary Realtors should also get a bit better at pricing homes which will tighten the spreads between asking and selling prices.

We Offer Free Calgary Home Evaluations With Zero Obligation to Sell

In the charts below you see the % of Listings Sold on a month-to-month basis. A Balanced Calgary Real Estate Market happens around 33%. At 33% we theoretically have three months supply of housing inventory. This means if no new listings came on the market, after three months there would be no houses to buy. Above 33% sales leans towards a Sellers Market because available homes are selling at a faster rate than three months supply. And of course, less than three months or 33% is a home buyers market. Labelling a Real Estate Market can be applied at all levels and within all home types to drill down for more relevant data. These charts start with the Combined Home Types in Calgary, then get divided amongst the major home styles of Detached Homes, Attached Homes & Condos. We can drill down farther to the City of Calgary 4 Quadrants of NW, NE, SW, and SE. Or the 8 MLS® Districts of Calgary. Or down to your community and home type. And then whatever time periods you are interested in. Last 3 years or the last 23 years, we can give you the stats you want to better understand the micro and macro real estate markets in Calgary. Call me anytime Jerry Charlton 403 831 0842 and I will get you the stats that matter most to you.

Calgary Home Inventory on the Rise Going into the Spring Market


February 2022 Calgary Real Estate Newsletter

Selling your Calgary Home and those Two Little Voices

Thinking About Moving In The Near Future in Calgary?

When you’re shopping for a new car or anything else that impacts you personally, you probably have two little voices chatting in your head. The first is saying, “This is what I want.” The second is asking, “Can I really afford this?”

Ideally, both voices are in agreement and you’re able to buy what you want at a price that’s reasonable. Of course, there are other times when you’ll need to compromise on some features in order to stay within your price range.

This same dynamic plays out when you’re thinking of moving. You may start wondering, “Is the type of house I want to get into really within my price range?”

In fact, that question holds many homeowners back from even considering a move. They’re stuck wondering if they can get into the home they want.

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, why not find out? It’s relatively easy.

The first step is to calculate how much your current property would sell for on today’s market. That figure is determined by many factors, but it’s mainly driven by what similar properties in your area have sold for recently.

Once you know what you can expect to get for your home, you’ll need to find out how much of a mortgage (if required) you qualify for.

The final step is to take a look at current Calgary Listings in neighbourhoods you’re targeting and see which properties for sale fit within your budget.

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that the two voices in your head are in agreement, and you can get the home you want at a price you can afford.

Should You Replace Your Homes Windows?

Replace Windows Before Selling A Calgary Home Could Be A Good Idea

Here’s a surprising statistic. Less than 30% of window replacements are the result of the old windows being worn, broken or otherwise in need of replacement.

Clearly, there are other good reasons to consider new windows!

One of the most popular motivations is cosmetic. Brand new windows have a huge impact on the overall look of a home, both on the inside and the outside. New windows can improve the curb appeal — an important element when you sell a home. From the inside, new windows can dramatically improve the look of a room.

Another reason to replace windows is to address energy costs. Modern windows are packed with technologies that lower heating and cooling bills. From low-e/argon to special spacer bars to highly insulating options, window technologies can provide savings you’ll notice, especially if you’re replacing very old windows.

A third reason is window style and characteristics. Simply put, you may not like your current windows! You may want more glass and less frame to enhance your view. Maybe your windows pull up (vertical sliders) when you’d rather have them open like a door (casements). Perhaps you’d like fancy blinds in-between the panes of glass. Replacing windows lets you get exactly the look and features you want.

Will new windows boost the resale value of your home? They might, at least a little. But there’s one thing for certain: upgraded windows definitely make your home look more appealing to buyers.

How to Get the Buyer’s Perspective on your Property

Calgary Home Buyers Perspective is Very Important to Consider

When you walk through the front door of your Calgary home, you have a very different experience than a home buyer would. You see the familiar. You see the memories. You see your life. In fact, you might even wonder why anyone would hesitate to fall instantly in love with your home.

Buyers, however, don’t have that same perspective.

When they walk through your front door, they see a place they’ve never been before. To them, it’s a stranger’s home. They’re looking at your property with a critical eye.

They’re asking questions like, “Is the living room large enough? Do we like the feel of the place? Is it move-in ready or do repairs and improvements need to be done? Does it feel spacious or cramped? Neat or cluttered?”

So, when preparing your property for sale, it’s important to analyze it from a buyer’s point-of-view. A good exercise is to pretend you’re a buyer and walk through your home, starting at the entranceway. Ask yourself “buyer questions” as you visit each room.

For example, when you see the kitchen, from a buyer’s perspective, what do you like about it? What do you not like? Do the same with the other rooms and spaces in your home. Imagine, as the buyer, noticing clutter, needed repairs, poorly lit areas, and rooms that feel small and confining.

Also, of course, notice those features that would likely impress a buyer, such as a modern ensuite bathroom or new and stylish kitchen appliances.

Once you’ve done that exercise, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you need to do to make your home look its best to buyers.

Remember, an interested Calgary Home Buyer is more likely to make a good offer on a property that “shows” well.

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