What is your Calgary Alberta Canada Home Worth Today?What is your house worth today?

Calgary Alberta Home Values & Appraisals.

A Calgary House Appraisal is a snapshot in time that looks at all currently available sales data on similar homes. Location and condition are the next most important factors in assessing a home's value.

Ask three real estate agents in Calgary for their opinion of the value of your house and you will get three different answers. 

Ask your Calgary bank or mortgage company or your insurance company and you should have three more estimates of the valuation of your home.

Ask your friends and neighbors opinions and you will get even more assessment values.

We offer free Smile, no-obligation Current Market Analysis of any property in Calgary.

Many of our clients are signed up for an annual property appraisal report sent out on the day of their choice. Feel free to ask for your annual CMA report. 403 831 0842 Jerry

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Free Calgary Alberta Home Evaluations 403 831 0842

How long were you a Willing Qualified Buyer until you bought your present home?

How long have you been out of the real estate market since buying your home?

The truth is Willing Qualified Calgary Home Buyers in today's market are;

  1. Harder to find
  2. Have lots of choices
  3. Are not in the market very long
  4. Are looking for a great house at a great price
  5. Not looking at over market value priced properties
  6. Not looking at advertising from Realtors advertising Realtors

The truth is Willing Qualified Calgary Home Buyers Compare Prices Only!

While they look at all the other properties in their Buying Power target range.

The truth is Willing Qualified Calgary Home Buyers are Shoppers!

Buyers are out going through homes and comparing what you have to offer compared to all other options including doing nothing. Right now, in Calgary Alberta Canada, there are lots of active listings. Every property is jumping up and down, shouting loud and waving their arms trying to get the attention of the few Willing Qualified Buyers.

The odds of selling are stacked against all properties that are not priced competitively.

Testing the market is a complete waste of time. Those days are gone for the foreseeable future.

Willing Qualified Buyers first step is to search for homes MLS® Listed by Price.

The next step is to browse the pictures.

Then explore the details and history of only the short list of properties meeting their criteria.

Next Willing Qualified Calgary Home Buyers ask to book appointments to see the short list of homes with the goal of eliminating all but one!

The most important thing to get right when selling a home is PRICE. If a home was on the market and didn’t sell it’s because the Price didn’t meet the buyer’s perception of value.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Two loonies are for sale. One is offered at $1.05, the other at 95 cents.

It’s obvious which one will sell quickly, and which one will sit on the shelve forever or be taken off the market?

Real Estate is the same, offer value and you sell quickly, over price and never sell.

I offer Free Honest Calgary Alberta Home Evaluations! 403 831 0842

“Buying A Listing” means telling you your home is worth more than it would ever sell for. The idea is to get price reductions from you until it does get to the price a Willing Qualified Calgary Home Buyer will pay. I don’t do that!

It takes me a bit of time to prepare an Honest Opinion of Current Calgary Market Value, but I don’t mind.

Call me if you would like an Honest Opinion of Current Market Value of your Calgary Alberta Home. 403 831 0842

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Haysboro Calgary Alberta is at the intersections of Mcleod Trail and Heritage Drive on one side and 14St SW and Southland Drive on the SW corner.

Haysboro is home to the Calgary Heritage LRT Station. Heritage Park and Calgary Glenmore Reservoir are right next door.

Haysboro Calgary Alberta still features many traditional bungalow-style homes built in the 1960's on huge lots. A mature community with wide streets and big trees. Haysboro offers that country feeling with the benefit of all the big city amenities.

For more information on Haysboro Calgary Alberta Homes for Sale and Haysboro Homes Sold Contact Us Today. 

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Selling Your Calgary Home in 2020

Setting the Right Selling Price.

When setting a selling price for your Calgary property, the listing level must strike a balance between the seller’s need to achieve the best possible return and the buyer’s need to get good value.

With many years of experience selling homes, a professional Calgary Real Estate Agent can help you set a price that will accomplish both objectives.

Establishing market value for a Calgary Alberta Home.

The market value of your property is determined in exactly the same way as any other commodity – what a buyer is willing to pay for it in today’s Calgary market. Despite the price you paid originally or the value of any improvements you may have made, the value is determined by local Calgary market forces.

We offer Free Home Evaluations on all Calgary Homes.

Call or Text 403 831 0842 Jerry Charlton.

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How Do You Find Properties to Fix n Flip in Calgary?

You need a Property Finding System. A System that sends you properties including Calgary foreclosures and Calgary bank-owned properties that match your search criteria.

A great Property Finding System will give you confidence in your buying price and your selling price.

The truth is right now your competition has seen every property currently listed. If there were great deals on the market today they would be gone already. We have more home buyers than home sellers.

Which is why you need a great system to find what you are looking for. #1 is to call us. We will plug your criteria into the Calgary MLS® Computers so that every time a new listing gets added you will get an email with the listing details.

Over time you will get to know the market for the type of property you are interested in. You will get to know the selling prices, which for house flippers is just as important as the buying price!

Knowing the selling price for the type of Calgary properties you choose to work with allows you to work backward to arrive at the purchase price you need.

Using our Calgary Property Finding System we set up for you will save you time and money.

You will always get the Best New Listings before anybody only looking on public websites.

Your Property Finding System gives you the same advantage Realtors have in finding new hot properties.

Your Property Finding System makes the deals come to you. You will know before most Realtors know!

We Offer Free Consultations for anyone interested in finding and flipping homes in Calgary Alberta Canada.  

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The Steps to Buying A Bank Owned Foreclosure

1. Select the Property and Your Realtor
2. Decide On Your Offer Price, Your Possession Date, Your Conditions
3. Your Realtor presents Your Offer To Purchase to the Banks law firm
4. Your Offer To Purchase can be Accepted, Rejected or Negotiated
5. Your Offer To Purchase is Accepted
6. You can Waive or Not Waive Your Conditions
7. You Waived Conditions creating a Firm Sale
8. You get the Keys on Your Possession Date
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Bank Owned Foreclosure Listings
Three Things To Know about Bank-Owned Foreclosure Listings

1. The bank has legal title to the property and will negotiate with buyers

2. The property is sold "As Is".

3. Home Inspection and Financing Conditions are ok to include on your offer.

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Court Ordered Foreclosures
Three Things To Know about Court Ordered Foreclosures.

1. You will not get a counter-offer from the Court of Queens Bench Foreclosure Listing.

2. The Court of Queens Bench sets the Possession Date for the accepted offer.

3. The property is still redeemable by the owner while the property is listed by the Court of Queens Bench. 

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Kingsland Calgary Alberta is bounded by Mcleod Trail, Glenmore Trail, Elbow Drive and Heritage Drive.

Established in 1957 on the edge of Calgary at the time, Kingsland Calgary is now considered inner-city.

You will find a wide variety of home styles in Kingsland. Condos, Townhouses, Duplexes, Low Rise Apartments, High Rise Apartments can all be found here.

Kingsland Calgary Alberta Canada Homes For Sale and Kingsland Homes Sold.

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Willow Park in Calgary Alberta is bounded by Southland Drive, Macleod Trail, Anderson Rd and Acadia Dr.

Willow Park is home to the Calgary Willow Park Golf & Country Club, South Center Calgary Shopping Mall, Willow Park Village Shops, Century Park Plaza, Calgary's first Canadia Tire store, the Calgary Trico Recreation Wellness Center and many other great amenities.

Willow Park is another of those great Calgary Communities with homes built in the mid 60's on large lots and wide tree-lined streets.

Willow Park in Calgary is a Family Friendly Community with a wide selection of homes for you to choose from.

Contact Us For More Information on Homes For Sale in Willow Park Calgary Alberta Canada 403 831 0842

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Fairview in SE Calgary Alberta is bounded by Mcleod Trail, Blackfoot Trail, Heritage Drive and Glenmore Trail.

Fairview Calgary has wide tree-lined streets filled with solid homes built in the early 1960s on large building lots.

Fairview is a hidden gem of a community with only about 1,200 single-family homes. Located within walking distance to Calgary's Chinook Shopping Centre.

Very close to the Heritage LRT Station. With easy access to downtown Calgary Alberta, Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail. Fairview is a great inner-city community to call home.

Contact Us For More Information on Homes For Sale in Fairview Calgary Alberta Canada 403 831 0842

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Acadia in SE Calgary Alberta is bounded by Mcleod Trail, Blackfoot Trail, Heritage Drive and Southland Drive. Acadia is known for its wide tree-lined streets filled with homes built in the early 1960s on large building lots.

Acadia is always in the top 10 best communities to live in Calgary. Homes in Acadia do not get knocked down and replaced with infills, these homes get renovated. 50 years ago these homes were on the edge of town looking out on the Alberta prairies, they will soon be considered inner-city.

As a mature Calgary Community, Acadia has all the amenities and services you would expect. Life is Good in Acadia!

Contact Us For More Information on Homes For Sale in Acadia Calgary Alberta Canada 403 831 0842

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Maple Ridge in Calgary Alberta is home to the City of Calgary's Maple Ridge Golf Course.

Maple Ridge is bounded by the city-owned public golf course, Acadia Drive, Anderson Rd and Southland Drive.

With many big homes backing onto the Calgary Public golf course, Maple Ridge is a very popular place to call home.

You will find Willow Park Calgary on the west side of Acadia Drive.

Built around the late 60's when wide streets and big lots were popular for communities on the edge of Calgary at the time.

Explore the current homes listed for sale in Maple Ridge. Contact Us for more information on Homes For Sale and Homes Sold in Maple Ridge Calgary Alberta.

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Canyon Meadows in Calgary Alberta has the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club along with Calgary Fish Creek Provincial Park as neighbors.

Canyon Meadows Calgary is bordered by Anderson Rd, McLeod Trail, 14 st SW and Canyon Meadows Dr SW. There is plenty to like about this mature SW Calgary Community.

The Canyon Meadows LRT Station makes getting anywhere in Calgary the LRT goes very convenient.

Contact Us For More Information on Homes For Sale in Canyon Meadows Calgary Alberta Canada 403 831 0842

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Lake Bonavista in Calgary Alberta is home to Lake Bonaventure and Lake Bonavista, two man-made Calgary lakes.

One of the few places in Calgary where you can live in a house backing onto a lake. Lake Bonavista is bordered by McLeod Trail, Bow Bottom Trail, Anderson Rd and Canyon Meadows Dr.

Come Explore the very popular Calgary Alberta Community of Lake Bonavista. Here you will find more of those sought after larger homes on big lots. As a mature Calgary community, there are all the amenities you need and expect.

For more information on homes for sale and homes sold in Lake Bonavista, Contact Us. 403 831 0842

Free Lake Bonavista Calgary Alberta Home Evaluations - Lake Bonavista Home Buyers Wanted Also. 

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Southwood in Calgary Alberta Canada is bordered by 14 St SW, Anderson Rd, Southland Drive and McLeod Trail.

Home to the Southland Calgary LRT Station and the Calgary Anderson LRT Station makes commuting to work downtown and very easy.

Southwood has a huge off-leash dog park which makes the entire community pet-friendly. Many schools within walking distance make Southwood Calgary a popular family community as well.

For more information on Southwood Calgary Homes Sold and Homes For Sale - Contact Us Anytime. 

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Chinook Park Calgary Alberta is bordered by 14 St SW, Elbow Dr, Heritage Drive and Kelvin Grove.

Home to Calgary's Henry Wise Wood and Chinook Park School. Here you will find larger homes on tree lined streets built in the 1960's on huge lots.

A great Calgary location with easy access to everything a person would want and need.

Calgary's Chinook Shopping Center and Glenmore Trail are not far away. Heritage Park and the Glenmore Reservoir are also nearby.

Come and Explore the Homes For Sale in the Calgary Community of Chinook Park. 

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Get Direct Access to New Foreclosure Listings before the Public Does!

Get the Best Deal Before Someone Else Does.

Click Here to Get Direct Access Today

Photos, Prices, Addresses, Sizes, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Basement Developments, Parking, Year Built, and More!

Get Direct Access to New Foreclosure Listings before the Public does.

Contact Us Anytime for information on How To Buy Foreclosures in Calgary

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The Basics of Organized Real Estate in Calgary
Home Mortgages

Unless you are paying cash for a home you will need a home mortgage

There are two basic types of mortgage agents.

  1. Mortgage Agents that work for a bank
  2. Mortgage Agents that do not work for a bank
Most people go directly to their bank to get a mortgage. Because they feel the bank knows them, likes them and will be easier to deal with. And in most cases that is true.
Many people go to an independent mortgage agent that has access to many lenders and many different types of mortgages. Typically independent mortgage agents are highly motivated to get you a mortgage.  
Each type of mortgage agent has its advantages and disadvantages. It's worth your effort to talk to both types.
To a Realtor® the main thing before they start showing you homes is that you are pre-approved for a mortgage and are ready to buy when you see the home you want.
Mortgage Pre-Approval favors the buyer when the right property is found.
Here are a few agents I work with to help you get started.

Residential Mortgage Agents - Calgary & Area

Sarah Boudreau   403 969 5036   Jencor Mortgage   Sarah's Jencor Mortgage Website

Brad Gavin   403 968 5337   Mortgage Alliance   Brad's Mortgage Alliance Website

Renee Huse   403 804 5465   MMG Mortgages   Renee's MMG Mortgage Website

Matthew Kee   403 875 3323   Mortgage Architects   Matthew's Mortgage Architects Website

Jessy Bilodeau  403 889 6625  TD Mortgages  Jessy's TD Mortgage Website

Jackie Jones  403 803 6625  Mortgage Connection  Jackie's Mortgage Connection Website

Maria Quimsing  403 826 3922 RBC Mortgages Maria's RBC Mortgage Website

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